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UK Carp Fishing Secrets

UK Carp Fishing Secrets is a digitally downloadable carp fishing book. The book is a compilation of articles on all aspects of carp fishing, designed to help novice, intermediate and advanced anglers alike get that little bit more from this exciting, and some would say addictive, sporting pursuit.

From articles on what makes a successful carp angler, right through to chapters on watercraft, approaches, techniques, and bait, the book lifts the lid on successful methods, strategies and theories that have helped the authors bank countless specimen carp from waters all over the country.

The three contributors to UK Carp Fishing Secrets are exceptional carp anglers, each slightly different in their ways, but equally as effective and respectful of every angler’s choice to approach carp fishing in a slightly different way.

Jim Gibbinson is a well known published carp fishing author. He has written a number of fishing books, as well as contributing to numerous magazines, and     there aren’t many anglers in the UK who haven’t read something by him. One aspect of Jim’s fishing that sets him apart from many anglers is that he relishes the opportunity to fish difficult waters - ones that appear featureless to the untrained eye, and his results speak for themselves!

Julian Grattidge has been a carp angler for as long as he can remember. He specialises in specialising! Throughout his angling years, he’s done just about any kind of carp fishing available and adapts his approach accordingly. For example, when he was young, free and single, he’d do longer sessions and study carp behaviour and baiting techniques that would bring the best long-term results. Having just become a father for the first time, he’s concentrating on two other aspects of carp fishing, with great results - stalking (including surface fishing) and short session angling.

Garth ‘Gaffer’ Barnard has always been a short session angler, never fishing more than one night on a water. Because of this, he has honed his skills and tackle to perfection. He’s the kind of irritating guy who arrives last, packs up first and yet still catches the best fish! Gaffer has an excellent way of conveying his skills to other anglers and enjoys seeing their successes.

UK Carp Fishing Secrets - Index of Articles

Welcome To UK Carp Fishing Secrets

Introduction To Carp Fishing
- Catching Carp
- What Makes a Successful Carp Angler

- Watercraft The Carp And Its Habitat
- Stealth And Deception
- Feature Finding
- Effects Of Wind
- Polarised Fishing Glasses

Approaches & Techniques
- Getting The Right Approach
- Stalking
- Winter Carp Fishing
- Static Carping With Bite Alarms
- Short Session Carping
- Surface Fishing
- Carp Fishing In Silt
- Carp From Big Waters
- Margin Tips
- Kitting For Distance
- Wind Problems
- Moon Effects
- BackLeads, The How And When
- Guide To Bait Rockets & Spodding
- Finding The Right Shelter/Bivvy
- Which Carp Rods?

Rigs & Components
- Hair Rig & Knotless Knot
- Bolt Rig
- Zig-Rig
- Pop-up & Hinged Pop-up Rig
- Helicopter Rig
- Silt Rig
- Semi-Fixed Running Rig
- Inline Safety Rig
- Running Rig
- Braid Rig
- Carp Hooks - Getting Right To The Point
- Safety Clips
- Mono Facts

Bait & Baiting Techniques
- The Boilie (Boiled Bait)
- Shelf Life Or Fresh Frozen Boilies
- How To Make Your Own Boilies
- Dips And Soaks
- The Method
- Tiger Nuts
- Halibut Pellets
- The Secret Success Of Balachan Shrimp Paste
- Worms For Carp
- Particle Mixes
- Hemp Seed
- Maize
- Sweetcorn
- Pellets
- Artificial Baits
- Surface Baits
- Critically Balanced Baits For Carp
- How To Use P.V.A. Bags For Distance Work
- Stringers

Caring For Your Quarry
- Carp Care And Fish Handling
- Rules Rule, OK!
- Angling Ethics

Application Examples
- Preface To Carp Journals;
- Part 1 (Introduction To The Top Pool, July 2002)
- Part 2 (Return To The Top Pool, September 2002)
- Part 3 (Thoughts On Bait, July 2003)
- Part 4 (Top Pool Triumph and Back To Birch)
- Part 5 (Winter on Top Pool, April 2004)
- Part 6 (The Top Pool Mission Accomplished, August 2004)
- Part 7 (Return to Birch and Short Session Tactics, October 2004)
- Part 8 (Top Pool Swansong and Pastures New, January 2005)
- Part 9 (Surface Fishing Adventures, Mackerel Skies and Mares' Tails, August 2005)
- Part 10 (Surface Fishing Adventures, New Personal Best - In October!, October 2005)
- Part 11 (Surface Fishing Adventures, Last Chance Saloon,May 2006)

As you can see from the above index, this is about as comprehensive a guide to carp fishing as you could hope to find, and each article contained within is written in an easy to understand and no-nonsense manner.

It’s often the case with written material that what seems relatively straight forward on paper can often be much harder to work out in reality, and as so much of the book relates to the theories, experiences, results and observations of the authors, the publishers have devoted a whole chapter to showing detailed extracts from one of our featured authors Fishing Journals.

The main purpose for publishing such material is to try and give the reader some real insight into how the author uses techniques written about in previous chapters in order to bring about results in real-time, when actually out on the bank targeting specimen carp.

Worthy of publication in their own right, the application examples round off a highly detailed series of articles designed to help the reader question their own theories and approaches, whilst offering sound advice on every aspect of what at times can be an extremely challenging pursuit.

Containing well over one hundred thousand words, and featuring countless colour images, the book will keep even the fastest of readers engrossed for some time, but the real beauty of the work is in its ability to act as a reference manual, whereby the reader can go back at any time to reread relevant chapters as they come up against new problems and challenges out on the bank.

274 page book available to download in PDF format. Current OFFER PRICE is just £4.99.

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