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Internet Publications Launches New Carp Fishing E-Book

New Carp Fishing E-book Boasts Over 270 Pages!

Internet Publications owned website Anglers’ Net has combined some of the best articles available on the internet in one easy-to-manage PDF E-book. And, what’s more, the introductory price puts it at less than half the price of a kilo of most boilies!

With over 100,000 words on a wide range of carp fishing topics, everybody will learn something from this book.

This downloadable book consists of some of the best published articles from Jim Gibbinson, Julian Grattidge and Garth ‘Gaffer’ Barnard. It also contains a few previously unpublished articles from Julian Grattidge.

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Anglers’ Net Editor, Elton Murphy, said:

“This has been something that people have been telling me to do for years and I’m glad that we finally did it. The finished product exceeded my greatest expectations and really opened up my eyes as to how good some of the content on Anglers’ Net is. When you work within a website for so many years, it’s easy to take it all for granted. This E-book, however, is s true testament to those authors who have been so generous in passing on their knowledge over the years. It’s top drawer!

“We’ve been looking for a way to pay the escalating running costs of Anglers’ Net for many years • a way in which those that support us receive something worth their money in return. I hope that people considering buying this book realise that they are supporting the whole of Anglers’ Net by doing so and would like to thank them for that.

“We will be launching another E-book soon • a complete book of totally new material by Rosie Barham. More details will follow, but suffice to say that many anglers (and their partners) will have read Rosie’s previous work, including her book, her articles in Carpworld and her contributions to Anglers’ Net. Those who’ve enjoyed her work so far will love the new stuff. She can put a smile on even the most miserable of faces!”

Click the button to buy UK Carp Fishing Secrets

A new site specifically for UK Carp Fishing Secrets will be built soon, but you can buy your copy using PayPal by clicking any of the appropriate buttons within this article. PDF files can be read with the FREE Adobe reader - click here if you don't already have it.

The chapter listing below gives you an idea of just what to expect....

UK Carp Fishing Secrets - Index of Articles

Welcome To UK Carp Fishing Secrets

Introduction To Carp Fishing
- Catching Carp
- What Makes a Successful Carp Angler

- Watercraft The Carp And Its Habitat
- Stealth And Deception
- Feature Finding
- Effects Of Wind
- Polarised Fishing Glasses

Approaches & Techniques
- Getting The Right Approach
- Stalking
- Winter Carp Fishing
- Static Carping With Bite Alarms
- Short Session Carping
- Surface Fishing
- Carp Fishing In Silt
- Carp From Big Waters
- Margin Tips
- Kitting For Distance
- Wind Problems
- Moon Effects
- BackLeads, The How And When
- Guide To Bait Rockets & Spodding
- Finding The Right Shelter/Bivvy
- Which Carp Rods?

Rigs & Components
- Hair Rig & Knotless Knot
- Bolt Rig
- Zig-Rig
- Pop-up & Hinged Pop-up Rig
- Helicopter Rig
- Silt Rig
- Semi-Fixed Running Rig
- Inline Safety Rig
- Running Rig
- Braid Rig
- Carp Hooks - Getting Right To The Point
- Safety Clips
- Mono Facts

Bait & Baiting Techniques
- The Boilie (Boiled Bait)
- Shelf Life Or Fresh Frozen Boilies
- How To Make Your Own Boilies
- Dips And Soaks
- The Method
- Tiger Nuts
- Halibut Pellets
- The Secret Success Of Balachan Shrimp Paste
- Worms For Carp
- Particle Mixes
- Hemp Seed
- Maize
- Sweetcorn
- Pellets
- Artificial Baits
- Surface Baits
- Critically Balanced Baits For Carp
- How To Use P.V.A. Bags For Distance Work
- Stringers

Caring For Your Quarry
- Carp Care And Fish Handling
- Rules Rule, OK!
- Angling Ethics

Application Examples
- Preface To Carp Journals;
- Part 1 (Introduction To The Top Pool, July 2002)
- Part 2 (Return To The Top Pool, September 2002)
- Part 3 (Thoughts On Bait, July 2003)
- Part 4 (Top Pool Triumph and Back To Birch)
- Part 5 (Winter on Top Pool, April 2004)
- Part 6 (The Top Pool Mission Accomplished, August 2004)
- Part 7 (Return to Birch and Short Session Tactics, October 2004)
- Part 8 (Top Pool Swansong and Pastures New, January 2005)
- Part 9 (Surface Fishing Adventures, Mackerel Skies and Mares' Tails, August 2005)
- Part 10 (Surface Fishing Adventures, New Personal Best - In October!, October 2005)
- Part 11 (Surface Fishing Adventures, Last Chance Saloon,May 2006)

Click the button to buy UK Carp Fishing Secrets

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